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Greed to earn quick money is overwhelming, Sonu has made many people a victim

Guaranteed Return Fraud: Share market is a good medium to get more returns in less time. This is not true for everyone. This happens only with those people, who research well and place their bets wisely. On the other hand, there are also a large number of people who lose their hard earned money in the market. Especially those people suffer more losses, who get trapped in the guise of guarantee of returns. The country’s major stock market NSE has warned investors about this.

NSE has been careful in the past as well

National Stock Exchange keeps alerting capital market traders about such frauds from time to time. NSE has several times asked traders and investors not to fall prey to promises of guaranteed returns or other attractive offers by unknown persons or entities, as it is quite possible that the concerned persons or entities may not be registered brokers at all. NSE has once again shared the story of one such swindler and his alleged trading company.

Sonu is cheating such people

NSE has mentioned Pankaj Sonu, a swindler who duped investors by guaranteeing returns. Pankaj Sonu was duping innocent investors by guaranteeing returns. Sonu was doing this work with the help of a company called Trading Master. NSE said that a person named Sonu has taken money from many people on the pretext of guaranteeing returns. Later, the investors lost their deposits as well.

stay away from such offers

In a statement, NSE said, it has come to the notice of the exchange that a person named Pankaj Sonu, associated with Trading Master Body, is operating with the help of mobile number 9306132815, and is extorting money from people by promising guaranteed returns on investment in the stock market. is depositing. He is also offering to operate the account of investors by taking user ID and password from them.


Do not give this information to anyone

NSE has warned people that it is prohibited in law to guarantee returns in the stock market by any person or body. NSE has asked traders and investors not to share their trading account password or user ID with anyone. NSE has also clarified about Pankaj Sonu and his company Trading Master that they are not registered.


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