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Great trick of WhatsApp! Your mobile data will cost less during calling, know the steps

WhatsApp It is such a popular messaging app, which is used by more and more people. When getting a new phone, WhatsApp is the only app that most people would have downloaded in their phone. Communication has also become very easy with WhatsApp. The feeling of distance between people also seems less than WhatsApp. On WhatsApp, we share each other’s photos, videos, contacts and even location. Not only this, people also do voice and video calling with each other on WhatsApp.

But sometimes this causes the data to end very quickly. In such a situation, if this happens to you too, then tell you how you can reduce mobile data usage for WhatsApp call.

Android users should follow these steps…
1. For this, first open WhatsApp on your Android smartphone.

2. After this tap on the three dots given on the top right corner and then go to Settings

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3. Now go to Storage and Data option.

4. Here for the call option, turn on the option of Less Data.

This method for iPhone users…
Let us tell you that to save data during the call, iOS users will also have to follow the same steps.

1. First of all open WhatsApp on iPhone.

2. After this tap on the option of Settings given with Status, Calls, Camera, Chats option given below.

3. Now here you will get many options, in which there will be an option like Starred Message, Account, Linked Device. From this you will also see the option of Storage and Data. Tap on it.

4. Here on the third number you will get the option ‘Use Less Data for Calls’. Turn it ON.

In this way your data consumption during the call will be less.


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