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Great news! 6 great features come in WhatsApp, there is a lot of special

WhatsApp is constantly trying to improve the chatting experience of its users. In this episode, now the company has rolled out many new features for voice messaging. With these new features, the experience of sending and receiving voice notes of users is going to be much better than before. The company has brought total 6 new features for voice messages. These include out of chat playback, pause/resume recording, waveform visualization, draft preview, remember playback and fast playback on forwarded messages. Let us know about these features in detail.

This feature of out-of-chat playback

WhatsApp is going to be liked by the users. With this help, users will be able to listen to voice messages outside the chat as well. The biggest advantage of this is that users will be able to reply to other messages along with multi-tasking in the phone while listening to voice messages.

Pause or Resume Recording With
the help of this feature, users can pause the voice message while recording it and continue it further from the same place. With this, users will get rid of the trouble of re-recording the entire message due to the disturbance caused during voice message recording. 

Waveform Visualization and Draft Preview

Waveform visualization will give the users a visual representation of the sound and this will greatly help the users in recording. Similarly, Draft Preview allows users to listen to voice notes before sending them. 

Remember Playback and Fast Playback on Forward Messages
With the introduction of this feature, users can pause and resume voice messages while listening. On the other hand, Fast Playback on Forwarded Messages allows users to play voice messages at 1.5x and 2x speeds. 

The company will bring these new features to all its users in the coming few days.
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