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Gran Turismo 7 is the lowest rated game in the series on Metacritic

Gamers are often furious—sometimes justifiably. Recently, for example, racing fans have been greatly offended by the actions of the developers of Gran Turismo 7. In retaliation for grievances, the fans decided to hit the authors on the patient.


The launch of the seventh installment in the long-running Gran Turismo series has not been the smoothest, to say the least. Critics, of course, were inspired by the novelty , but as soon as the connoisseurs got to the helm, they immediately noticed serious problems: in particular, crazy microtransactions and linking to online, without which the PlayStation exclusive turns into an expensive pumpkin. And so, after a whole day without the opportunity to ride on the most prominent tracks in the world, the fans decided to let off steam and went to Metacritic.

The result is clear: on the aggregator site, two different versions of Gran Turismo 7 ( on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 ) now sport 2.0 and 3.0 user ratings, respectively. By the standards of the series, these are record low values. It is worth noting that recently review bombing has become a common thing for Sony products: in a couple of days, the portal administration will probably cut off a couple of thousand of the most angry “zeros”.

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