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Government’s big action, the service charge being taken after eating in the restaurant will be decided on June 2

Service Charges From Consumers: The Modi government has become strict regarding the service charges in restaurants. These days, in many restaurants, customers are being forced to forcibly pay the service charge. The government has taken a big step to stop such activities being done by the restaurant. Let us tell you that the Ministry of Consumer Affairs has decided to hold a meeting with the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI). This meeting will be held on June 2.

Know why the meeting is happening?
The government has said that paying service charge depends on the wishes of the customer. No restaurant can force a customer for this. To overcome this problem, the government has decided to hold this meeting.

Many restaurants are charging service charge
The ministry has called this meeting after taking cognizance of several media reports and complaints lodged by consumers on the National Consumer Helpline. Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh has also written to the NRAI chairman that restaurants and eateries are unfairly charging ‘service charges’ from their consumers even though the collection of any such charges is ‘voluntary’. That is, it completely depends on the customer whether he will give or not.

Let us tell you which issues will be discussed during the meeting-

    • Restaurants mandating service charge
    • Addition of service charge to the bill under the cover of any other fee or charges
    • Telling consumers that paying a service charge is optional and voluntary
    • shaming consumers for resisting paying service charges

customers are forced
The secretary has also said in the letter that consumers are forced to ‘pay service charges’. This fee is fixed by the restaurant at arbitrarily high rates. When consumers request removal of such charges from the bill amount, attempts are made to legitimize such charges by misleading the consumers.

Government decided to investigate
“This issue affects the consumers on a daily basis and it is also a matter of their rights, hence the department has decided to examine it in more detail,” the letter said. Discuss consumer complaints in case of inclusion of service charges in the bill under the guise of any other charges or charges by the Bank.

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