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Government notice to Ola Electric, asked the reason behind the fire in the scooter

Let us tell you that in the last few months, the incident of fire in electric scooters of many companies including Ola had come to the fore and since then there was a lot of discussion about this incident. Along with this, questions were also being raised on the safety rules of the Government of India, due to which the CCPA took suo motu cognizance of the incident of fire in electric vehicles.

The CCPA has asked Ola Electric for the reason behind the fire incident in the scooters and the quality standards. In the month of April, after these incidents came to the fore, 1441 units of electric scooters were recalled. The company says that the battery system complies with AIS 156 norms. However, the government is thinking of changing these rules soon.

Ola had said that the scooters that are being recalled will be inspected by our service engineers and the battery system, thermal system as well as safety systems will be thoroughly checked. Recently, there have been widespread incidents of electric two-wheelers catching fire in various parts of the country, forcing manufacturers to recall their vehicles.

Okinawa Autotech recalled 3,000 units, while PureEV recalled about 2,000 units of electric vehicles after the fire incidents. The Central Government has constituted a special panel to investigate the incidents of fire in electric scooters and take appropriate action against the manufacturers. Recently, the Central Government’s Fire Explosive and Environment Agency (CFEEA) has sent notices to electric vehicle manufacturers to find out the causes of fire in vehicles.

Let us inform that Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari has given strict instructions to the companies making electric vehicles. Giving a strong message to the automakers, Gadkari said that they will get such cases investigated by an expert committee and will issue directions to impose heavy fines on the auto companies.

will produce in the country

Now the company is going to produce battery cells in the country itself. Information is coming out that the company is working on a plan to enter the field of battery cell manufacturing. The SoftBank Group-backed company is in talks with several global suppliers to build a battery cell manufacturing plant with a capacity of up to 50 GWh in India.

As part of its broader electrification boost, the firm plans to invest in a 50 Gwh battery plant as well as companies with advanced cell and battery technology. Ola Electric needs 40 GW of battery capacity to run 10 million electric scooters annually.

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