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Government agency’s high risk warning, these users’ phones and laptops are in danger of hackers

CERT-In Warning: The government agency CERT-In has issued a warning for all Apple devices. Some vulnerabilities have been discovered in iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, which hackers can exploit to target users easily. With these flaws, hackers can remotely access a user’s device. Let’s delve into the details.

CERT-In, also known as the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, has issued a high-risk warning regarding Apple products. The agency has identified a remote code execution vulnerability, indicating a high-risk flaw across all Apple products.

Exploiting this flaw, hackers can infiltrate your device and execute various codes remotely. Let’s explore the specifics of this CERT-In warning.

Which devices are affected? According to the warning, this flaw affects both iPhone and iPad devices running versions of iOS and iPadOS earlier than 17.4.1. This update is available for iPhone XS, iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2nd Gen, and all subsequent devices.

The affected devices include iPad Pro 10.5-inch, iPad Pro 11-inch and later, iPad Air Gen 3 and later, and all versions of iPad Mini Gen 5 and later. Additionally, Safari users are also vulnerable, according to CERT-In’s note.

What should you do? Apart from iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, this flaw has also been detected in the Vision Pro headset. Hackers can exploit this flaw to trap users through specific links, enabling remote hacking upon clicking.

To mitigate this vulnerability, it’s crucial to keep your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook up to date. Applying the security patch issued by the company promptly is advisable. CERT-In regularly informs manufacturers about such vulnerabilities, prompting them to release updates.


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