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Got rid of the charger! Smartphone will be charged with your clothes, the battery will be full in just a blink of an eye

Cloth charging: Now in the coming times, smartphone users will not need to keep a charger with them because their clothes will act as a charger and will fill the smartphone’s battery in the blink of an eye.  

E-Textile Technology: Today, technology has gone so far in the world that you cannot even imagine, there are some technologies due to which our life has changed. Let us tell you that today we all use a smartphone and keep a charger with it to charge it, but do you know that the charger is going to be discharged in no time and companies may not offer you a charger with the smartphone. Nor will any charging cable. We are saying this because a technology called E-Textile has come in the market in which only your clothes will charge the smartphone.

What is E-Textile Technology 

E-Textile is actually a special fabric which is very different from ordinary clothes, you will use it for wearing, but its real use can blow your senses. Actually this cloth can charge your smartphone. If you find this a joke, then let us tell you that this cloth actually saves solar energy inside itself and you can use it whenever you want and charge your smartphone. The bigger the cloth, the more solar energy it will store inside itself and you will be able to charge your smartphone more often.

where did this technology come from 

Let us tell you that the scientists of Nottingham Trent University have prepared this special cloth which till date was just like a fantasy but now it has become a reality. This special fabric stores solar energy inside itself which you can use to charge your gadgets. These gadgets include smartphones as well as smartwatches and earbuds.

It is equipped with solar cells in this fabric 

As we told you that this special fabric protects solar energy and for this scientists have used 1,200 small photovoltaic cells (solar panels) in it. This is the reason why solar energy is well stored inside it, using which you can charge your gadgets. This fabric is capable of generating 400 milliwatt of electric energy, so you will be able to charge your gadgets easily. Work is going on on this technology now but in future it will be available to everyone.

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