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Gosuslugakh launched a service to receive a deferment from the draft by IT specialists

The Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation (Mintsifry of Russia) announced the launch of a new service at Gosuslugakh.

Users can now apply for conscription exemption as part of the partial mobilization of IT and telecom employees.

To submit an application, the applicant must:

    • Fill in the personnel confirmation form from the employer and sign the UKEP of the general director.

    • Open service on “public services” (so far, in order to avoid DDoS attacks, the service is available only from the territory of Russia), check the data that is automatically pulled from your personal account (full name, passport, etc.).

    • Enter information about military registration (type of document, its series and number, military rank and position, etc.).

    • Indicate information about higher education (name of the university, specialty, series and number of the diploma).

    • Fill in information about the work (TIN and name of the organization, labor duties, justification for the need for a delay, etc.).

    • Attach to the application a confirmation form signed by the head of the organization and a detached electronic signature file.

After processing, the Ministry of Digital Transformation will send them to the General Staff. The decision on non-mobilization will be taken by the Ministry of Defense. The first lists are scheduled to be sent on September 29th.

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