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Google’s smartwatch burns the hands of many, after complaints, the company is now returning Rs 22,000

New Delhi: Google Owned by Fitbit By your Fitbit Ionic More than 1 million units of smartwatches have been recalled. The company has taken this step after receiving complaints of burning due to overheating of the watch’s battery. Smartwatch There have been more than 100 complaints of burns due to overheating. The Fitbit Ionic was launched in September 2017. Hee Watch Provides activity tracking as well as monitoring heart rate and sleeve time. As of December 2021, 1 million units of this smartwatch have been sold in the United States. In other markets, including India, 693,000 units were sold.

Customers will receive a refund of ९९ 299 (approximately Rs. 22,700) from the company upon return of the smartwatch. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has said that users will be given a discount code for a 40% discount on certain Fitbit devices. Also, there have been at least 174 complaints about Fitbit’s smartwatches getting hot. Of these, 118 complaints are from burnout. There are two cases of third degree burn and 4 cases of second degree burn. The company has recalled the smartwatch following the complaint.

The company said the recall would have no effect on other Fitbit smartwatches and trackers. Fitbit discontinued production of the Ionic in 2020. The smartwatch was launched in India in January 2018 at a price of Rs 22,990. According to the report, users from outside India who return the smartwatch will have to go to for refund information. Meanwhile, the recalled smartwatch includes four variants of the Fitbit Iconic. These include FB503CPBU, FB503GYBK, FB503WTGY and FB503WTNV variants.

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