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Google’s strictness on Israel protest, then showed the way out to 20 employees

Opposing Israel’s project is costing Google employees heavily. After firing about 30 employees last week, Google has once again shown the way out to 28 employees who were protesting against ‘Project Nibbans’.

The world’s leading technology company Google is very strict regarding the Israel issue. The company has fired 20 more employees due to Google’s opposition to providing technology to Israel. In this matter, Google has so far shown the way out to more than 50 employees.

Actually, these Google employees were opposing ‘Project Nimbus’. Under this project, Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. and Amazon had signed a deal. Under this, there was talk of providing AI and cloud services to Israel. Now when some Google employees started opposing this project, Google started showing the way out to the employees.

Last week also 28 employees were laid off

Earlier last week, after the same uproar, Google had fired those 28 employees. Who were opposing it. Google and Amazon had signed this project in the year 2021. After Google expelled the employees, these employees protested at Google’s offices in New York and Sunnyvale, California. After this the company also called the police, who arrested the protesters.

what is the matter

In fact, the group of protesting employees is demanding that no technology services should be provided to the apartheid people. The group organizing the protest said that the company had fired 30 employees last week. The company refuted the group’s claims and said that each of the people who have been fired has personally been involved in activities that are against the company’s rules. Therefore he has been expelled from the company. Amidst these uproar and the expulsion of employees from the company, questions are now being raised on Google’s work culture. Actually, this project of Israel is known as Project NIBANS. That’s a full $1.2 billion. Now it remains to be seen what next step these employees take.


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