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Google’s new move made a splash! This change will come in Android apps, users have taken a sigh of relief

Some time ago it was reported that Apple has released a special privacy feature, after which app developers will have to take permission from users before tracking them. While users liked this feature very much, advertisers and social media companies are quite unhappy with this decision. Let us tell you that now Google, like Apple, is also releasing this feature for its Android apps, which has been named Privacy Sandbox Project. Let’s know more about this feature.. 

What is Google’s Privacy Sandbox Project   

Let us tell you that Google has revealed in a blog that they are going to make Android apps more private with their Privacy Sandbox project. Under this project, Google will work on solutions that can reduce or limit the data shared by users with apps, that is, it will not be easy for apps to track users.

Let us tell you that an announcement has already been made to limit data tracking on Google Chrome. 

Google will make such apps more private 

While Google has not made any disclosure about how they will work on this new step, it has definitely said that they will try to make Android apps work without cross app identifiers. If you are wondering what are these cross app identifiers, then let us tell you that these identifiers are associated with smartphones and apps use them to collect information.

Google says that it will keep these cross app identifiers in their place for the next two years and by then it will work on a new system ‘with the industry’.

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