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Google: YouTube will hide “dislikes” for all videos

Google has announced news of the YouTube platform. Starting today, YouTube will hide the Dislike rating counters underneath all videos.

As noted by the developers, the new rules are intended to help users and content creators to form communities in which “it is customary to respect each other.”

Users can still rate videos as “Likes” and “Dislikes”, however, the total number of negative marks will be visible only to content authors in their personal “Creative Studio” YouTube.

Google: YouTube will hide

Earlier this year, developers experimented with disliking videos by hiding the counters to see if that would help protect creators from coordinated attacks and reduce negative reviews.

As a result, there are fewer “Dislike” marks. The experiment also confirmed the words of the authors themselves that thematic and new channels are subject to coordinated attacks. Moreover, it turned out that less popular authors receive even more negative ratings than well-known channels.

As a result, Google decided to hide the Dislike counters under all videos. The complete shutdown will take some time, but work has already begun.


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