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Google will show where your home is, update it in the map in this way

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How to set home address on Google.Image Credit source: Google

We use Google for many works. If we want to use the internet, we need Google, if we want to transfer money, we need Google Pay and if we want to go somewhere, Google Maps is useful for us. You can also see where your home is on Google, but for this you will have to make some settings. After this you will be able to see your house on the company’s navigation app.

To take better advantage of the services of the American tech company, you can update your home address. Google MapsIt is used a lot for visiting and visiting nearby locations. If you want to go somewhere, it tells you the way. Apart from this, you can also add your home or work place in it.

Update your home address like this

Saving home and work addresses makes navigation between the two easier. Follow these steps to add home address on Google Maps.

  • Open the Google Maps app on your phone.
  • Tap Google Account Profile at the top.
  • Tap on Manage your Google Account option.
  • Go to personal information section.
  • Here in the Address section tap on the Home option.
  • Here you can update your home address.

If you want, you can also update the place of work by going to Work option. Google says that only you can see the home and work addresses. If you want to show your address to everyone, then you can save it as a profile address by going to your Google account.

Benefit of updating address

After adding home address, navigation from home to work will become easier. You will not need to type the address every time. Google Maps will save your navigation history in a better way, so that you can get accurate navigation.

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