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Google will send you straight to jail! Do not search on it even by mistake


  • Do not search these things by mistake on google
  • There may be a chance of going to jail
  • Users should use it wisely

New Delhi. If you are a smartphone user then you would know how useful Google is the search engine. On this, not only you can get all the information about your country but around the world. Although Google is a very important and most popular search engine, but its use can also land you in jail. Actually some people sometimes accidentally search something on it which can create controversy and can even send them to jail. If you search for new things on Google every day, we are going to tell you about some such things which should not be searched on Google, otherwise you may have to face jail. So let’s know which are the topics about which you should never search on Google.

terrorism activities

If you often search for terrorism activities on Google, then stop doing so immediately. In fact, the country’s intelligence agencies are very cautious about security and if they come to know that a person is repeatedly searching for such activities, then their suspicion goes to that person and the problems of such a person can increase, even if he Whether I am doing any wrong or not but these things can land him in jail. In such a situation, all these things should never be searched on Google.

child pornography

Strict rules and regulations have been made around the world regarding child pornography and if you also try to search it on Google, then action can be taken against you under non-bailable sections. If you search for such things, then do not do it because you may have to go to jail.

pirated content

If you are searching for pirated content of a movie or any other thing on Google, then doing so can put you behind the bars of jail, in such a situation, you should not search pirated content on Google because there are very strict rules regarding this country and Remained around the world.

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