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Google will have to allow third-party payments, the company got advice from CCI to improve

Google’s business practices related to Internet search are being heavily scrutinized in India. Alphabet, the US company that runs Google, has been ordered to allow third-party billing or payment processing services for app developers in the country. The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has imposed a fine of about Rs 932 crore on the company for using methods against the competition. Earlier, Google was fined about Rs 1,338 crore for unfair business practices involving the Android operating system.

The CCI, in a 199-page order, said that Google has misused its dominant position to force app developers to use the company’s in-app payment system. In-app digital goods are a major way for developers to earn from their work. sales Have to do Apart from this, Google has been asked to make eight improvements within three months. These include not prohibiting app developers from using any third-party billing or payment processing services for in-app purchases or to purchase apps.

An appeal can be made against this decision by Google in the tribunal. The CCI says that Google should maintain complete transparency in communication with app developers and give them detailed information about the service fee charged. The order will provide relief to startups and firms in the country that were objecting to being forced to use Google’s payments system for app developers.

company A separate investigation is going on against the company regarding the way it does business in the country’s smart TV market as well. Google last week said the fines imposed on the company were a “big blow” to consumers and businesses in the country. Google said that Android has given people more options and it supports thousands of successful businesses in India and around the world. A Google spokesperson said in an emailed statement, “The CCI’s decision is a major setback for consumers and businesses in India. It will pose security risks to people who rely on Android’s security features.”

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