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Google will alert as soon as Spam Call arrives, will keep users away from scams, just have to do this work


Google has added a warning feature in Google Voice.
This feature will alert users on receiving spam calls.
The company has started rolling out the new feature.

new Delhi. Google has introduced a new feature in Google Voice. The tech giant has added a warning feature, which will alert users about spam calls. This will help users avoid unwanted calls and help protect them from scams. This feature will use Google Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify spam callers. The company gave this information through its workspace blog.

Explain that Google Voice is a service available to Google Account customers in the US and Google Workspace customers in Canada. In this, users get a phone number for calling, text messaging and voicemail. It works on smartphones as well as computers.

The company said in its post that to help protect you from unwanted calls and scams, Google Voice shows a ‘Suspect Spam Caller’ label on all calls that Google considers spam. For this Google uses its advanced artificial intelligence which identifies billions of spam calls every month in Google’s calling eco system.

How does the new feature work?
Google says that the new spam call label will appear on the incoming call screen as well as in the call history. Users will have the option of allowing the call to remain spam or verifying the identity of the number and deleting it as spam. If the number is confirmed as spam, future calls from that particular number will go straight to voicemail. In the meantime, removing a number from the spam list will prevent future calls from showing any warnings.

Everyone will get the feature
According to Google, the feature will be rolled out in a phased manner. It has started rolling out from 29 December. This feature is available to all Google Voice customers. Also, suspected spam labeling will automatically appear on the screen when the voice spam filter is turned off.

Turn on the new feature like this
To automatically send suspected spam calls to voicemail, you have to go to Settings and tap on Security. Then click on Filter Spam and navigate it to On. When spam filtering is turned on, all calls that Google detects as spam are automatically forwarded to voicemail, and calls are placed in the spam folder.


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