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Google TV: Forgot Where You Put the Remote? Don’t Worry, Google Will Find It

It’s common to forget where we placed the TV remote. After that, there is chaos in the entire house to find it. Sometimes the remote ends up between the sofa cushions, sometimes under the table, and we search for it everywhere. It is natural to feel disappointed if the remote is not found even after a thorough search. But now, there is no need to worry because Google TV has introduced a new feature called “Find My Remote,” which will help you locate your lost remote.

Google TV has recently released this new feature with the latest Android update. This will help you by identifying the location of the lost remote. According to media reports, the “Find My Remote” feature was announced in the beta version of Android 14 for TV at the Google I/O developer conference. If you often forget where you placed the remote, this feature of Google TV will help you find it.

How Does This Feature Work?

To find your lost remote, you’ll need to press a button on your Google TV device. After this, the remote will start ringing for 30 seconds, so you will know its location and be able to find it easily. The remote also has an LED light that will glow, making it easier to find even in the dark.

Onn Google TV 4K Pro Streaming Box

Google TV’s new “Find My Remote” feature is now available on the Google TV 4K Pro streaming box, released by Walmart this month. The device displays a message about the new feature. You can also turn this feature on and off.

Pressing the On button on the front of the streaming box will make the remote play a sound, allowing you to locate it. Keep in mind that this method will work only within a radius of 30 feet from the box.

When Will the “Find My Remote” Feature Be Available?

The “Find My Remote” feature will be released on other Google TV devices. However, it will only work on devices compatible with Google TV. For this feature to work, the remote must have a speaker. The older remotes of Google TV do not have speakers, so the new feature will not work with them. Google has not yet announced when this feature will be available for the general public and which devices it will support.


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