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Google search engine will have artificial intelligence similar to ChatGPT

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The race of chatbots with AI continues. This time, Google is going to add conversational artificial intelligence to its search. It will be similar to ChatGPT.


Will people be able to ask Google questions and interact with large language models in the search context? Absolutely,” said Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google. He also stated that he perceives AI chatbots as a new business opportunity, not a threat.

Thus, the search giant is following in the footsteps of Microsoft with its updated Bing search engine with integrated ChatGPT chat. The addition of a chatbot is supposed to improve the performance of the most popular search engine, although Google initially perceived the release of ChatGPT as a threat to its advertising business.

Pichai himself has not yet announced when AI will be integrated into search, but it seems that this will happen soon, since Google is seriously lagging behind Microsoft in this regard. Adding to the problem is the fact that the Bard service with built-in AI already made a number of mistakes at the presentation, due to which Alphabet lost $ 100 billion in capitalization.


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