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Google released a big feature for Android phones

Google Introduces Major Feature for Android Phones: Locate Lost Devices Even When Switched Off

Google has recently unveiled the Find My Device Network feature for Android phones. In a blog post, the company announced that even the Pixel 8 can be tracked when turned off.

The Find My Device network for Android phones has finally been launched after a delay last year, reportedly due to concerns over potential misuse. Google made the announcement in a recent blog post, detailing how this feature differs from the existing Find My Device and how it aids in locating lost phones.

In its blog, Google stated, “Starting today, the new Find My Device is becoming available for Android devices around the world, beginning with the US and Canada. With a new crowdsourced network of over a billion Android devices, Find My Device can help you locate your lost Android devices and everyday items quickly and securely.”

The Find My Device feature is designed to assist Android users in locating their phones, smartwatches, earbuds, and trackers even when they’re offline. The rollout is commencing in the US and Canada and will soon expand worldwide.

Unlike the current Find My Device setting, which requires a device to be on and connected, the new network utilizes Bluetooth to detect devices disconnected from Wi-Fi or cellular networks. This feature is named “Powered Off Finding.” It stores the beacon in the memory of the device’s Bluetooth controller, enabling it to detect supported devices even when not connected to the network. Currently, Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro phones can be located even after being switched off or when the battery is drained.

Google outlines five ways users can locate their devices using the Find My Device network:

  • Compatible Android devices can be located even when offline by ringing them or viewing their location on a map.
  • The Find My Device app can locate items such as keys or luggage via Bluetooth tracker tags from Chipolo and Pebblebee.
  • Nearby objects like wallets or keys can be pinpointed using the “Find nearby” button through Bluetooth tags.
  • Missing phones or items related to Home Nest devices can be found.
  • Accessories can be shared via the app, allowing others to also keep track of them.

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