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Google Play Store Removed 13 Dangerous Apps, Is Your Phone Not Present? delete immediately

New Delhi. Recently, 13 dangerous apps have been identified by Google, which are extremely dangerous to use. The most shocking thing is that these 13 dangerous apps have been downloaded about 20 million or 20 million times from the Google Play Store so far. These apps have been identified by security researchers who have been involved in dangerous activities. Also, these apps drain the phone’s battery quickly. Apart from this, the internet eliminates the data. 13 apps have been identified by the research firm McAfee Mobile Researcher Team. This includes apps like Flashlight, QR Reader, Camera, Unit Converter and the Task Manager. When you open these apps, it installs an extra code in the phone, which keeps these 13 apps running in the background of your smartphone, which drains your phone’s battery and data quickly. In such a situation, if these 13 dangerous apps are present in your smartphone, then they should be removed from the phone immediately.Delete these apps from the phone immediately

  • High Speed ​​Camera: This camera captures the picture at very high speed. With the help of this app, it helps to click the photo of cricket or gaming.
  • SmartTast: With the help of this app, users will be able to manage their day-to-day work.
  • Flashlight+: This app comes with Flashlight support.
  • Memo Calendar : This is a simple calendar note app. In this, you will be able to divide your work according to the day and date.
  • BusanBus: This app has details related to the bus, which can help you in traveling.
  • Quick Notes: Quick notes can be created on this app.
  • Smart Currency Converter : This app provides information by converting your currency into local rupee.
  • Joycode: This app comes with QR Code, Scanner, Barcode Reader support.
  • English-Korean Dictionary : This is a simple English and Korea dictionary app.
  • EzDica
  • EzNotes
  • Instagram Profile Downloader
  • Image Vault – Hide Images


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