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Google Pay Rewards: Strong Cashback and Gift Cards on Google Pay, Easy to Pay, See Tips


  • Get bumper cashback on Google Pay
  • The chances of getting a good reward will also increase
  • Follow simple tips

Navi Delhi: Google Pay It has become a very popular platform in a short period of time. With the help of which people can easily transfer money. You may have noticed that when you start using Google Pay you get a lot of cashback on it as well as strong rewards, but over time it decreases. Many do not know exactly why this happens.

If you also have no idea about this, now we are going to tell you a trick. With the help of which you can win a lot of cashback on payments using this app. Many people make some mistakes while using the Google Pay platform and this reduces their cashback.

Do not trade on a single account:

If you want to take advantage of bumper cashback, stop repeating transactions on the same account. You are more likely to get good cashback if you pay on different accounts.

Less money transactions:

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Do not do this if you are doing very large transactions on one account at a time. So wait a while and deal with the amount in that account. You won’t get much cashback on a large amount. That is why you should deal with less amount.

Do not transact on these active accounts:

Avoid this if you are transacting on an account with very few transactions. This makes you less likely to get cashback and remote. Only deal with accounts that make Google payments.

Avoid single digit transactions:

If you are doing single digit transactions, you are less likely to get cashback and rewards. Try to make the transaction at least 100 to 500 rupees.



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