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Google Pay launches UPI auto feature, now it will be easy to pay bills

If you use Google Pay then there is good news for you. Starting today, Google Pay users will be able to set up automatic recurring payments for online subscription services, just like you do with debit and credit cards. This facility is called UPI Autopay and will allow the Google Pay app to automatically pay your monthly fee for a particular service, thereby eliminating the need to make manual payments.

Google stated in its blogpost that the UPI Autopay service will be enabled by default on all new subscriptions and will make monthly payments on your behalf. Users can choose to opt out of this only when they are canceling the membership of that particular service. “UPI makes it easy to set up an Autopay subscription. After selecting a membership plan to purchase, simply tap on Process payment in the cart, then select the “Pay with UPI” option, and then tap on your supported Accept the purchase in the UPI app.

At the moment, it is not known which apps and services support UPI Autopay and how fast it will reach other popular platforms. Google Pay is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Google Pay launches UPI auto feature, know how it will work


Google Pay gets UPI Autopay

Saurabh Agarwal, Chief of Google Play Retail and Payment Activation, says, “We are always looking to add popular and effective forms of payment around the world to confirm that people are using apps and in- Pay for app content conveniently. With the introduction of UPI Autopay on the platform, we aim to expand UPI’s service for subscription-based purchases, thereby enabling many more people to access helpful and blissful services – while enabling local developers to develop their subscription-based businesses on Google Play.

At the same time, Google Pay was trending on Twitter last day for a funny reason. Twitter users are making fun of Google Pay for the lack of any cashback offers and coupons these days. After which Google Pay resorted to its timeline. To recall, Google Pay gained a lot of popularity in its initial days by offering cashback and coupons on most payments and purchases.

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