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Google Pay Feature: Easy to split party bill with friends Split, Google Pay Feature


  • Split Expenses, a new feature in Google Pay
  • This feature of Google Pay will make your job easier
  • A new and interesting feature in Google Pay.

Navi Delhi : Google announced a new feature at the Google for India event last month. Split Expense That is the name of this feature. People are starting to get this feature in Google Pay app. Google Pay Under the Split Expense feature, you can split the amount with your friends. If you are partying with your friends and you have paid in full. So, Google Pay will automatically share the bill with your friends.
Anyone with a share of the money will send it to you via Google Pay. From here you can keep track of how much you paid and who you wanted to charge more Splitwise If used, it works the same way. You can also share the entire cost with each other in the Splitwise app.

This feature of Google Pay is very easy to use. Here you have to select the Split Expense feature, enter the amount and add the people with whom you want to split the bill. All members of that group will receive a payment request and will be able to make payments from there.

Open Google Pay on your smartphone and go to the new payment option. A new page will appear here. Where select a new group from the search bar. Add the people you want to split the bill with. Once the group is formed, tap the Divide Spend button and enter the total amount you spent with your friends. The same amount of request will go to everyone.

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