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Google Maps will save you from road accidents and challans, will alert you while driving

Google Maps Updates: Google Map has made our journey very easy. Now, whenever you feel in the mood, go out for a pleasant journey. Your pocket companion Google Map will tell the way. With the help of Google Maps, it becomes easy to reach where you want to go without wandering around.

Google Map not only tells you the way but also helps in many other things. This feature not only makes your driving safe but also saves you from deducting your challan. But due to lack of information, very few people use this feature.

Google Maps Speed ​​Limit Warning
One feature hidden in Google Maps is Google Maps Speed ​​Limit Warning. While driving, when you cross the speed limit while driving too fast, this feature will alert you that the speed of your vehicle is more than the prescribed limit. For this, the notification starts appearing on the screen. Once you get the alert, you can control the speed of the vehicle.

Nowadays, speed cameras are installed everywhere in the metropolis, which click the photos of over speed vehicles and send them home after deducting automatic challans.

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accident prevention
Most of the cases of road accidents are due to excessive speed. With the help of Google Maps over speed limit warning, your speed will be under control and the chances of accident will be reduced to a great extent. When you are driving using navigation with this feature, it also gives you an indication of over speed along with telling your speed. In this sequence, the speedometer of Google Map changes color and indicates danger to you. You will see this color changing signal in the speed limit section in the top left corner of the travel time duration on the screen.

how to use
To use this feature of Google Maps, first open your Google Map application. Here go to the section of profile photo made on the right and top side. Here you will see the option of setting. Click on it. After this, go to Navigation Settings and turn on the Speed ​​Limit button. As soon as you turn it on, the speedometer feature will start working and you will start getting notifications.


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