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Google Maps: The Maximum of Technology! Google Maps ‘Ya’ Feature Helps Police, Catch Fugitive Mafia for 20 Years


  • Google Maps help catch the mafia.
  • The criminal who has been absconding for 20 years was caught.
  • The Street View feature helped.

New Delhi : Google Maps Many use it to find the road, to know the traffic. However, with the help of Google Maps, the police have been able to catch a mafia who has been on the run for almost 20 years.

The incident took place in Spain, where Italian police have arrested a criminal who has been absconding for 20 years. Police also thanked Google Maps for this.

According to reports, the investigation had been going on for two years. Gioacchino Gammino, 61, was arrested in the Spanish city of Galapagar. This mafia was living in the city under a fake name. For this, the police took the help of the Street View feature of Google Maps. In a street view of Google Maps, police spotted a photo of Mafia Gioacchino Gammino standing in front of a fruit shop.

The investigation was started on the basis of Google Maps and finally the police caught the criminal who has been absconding since 2002. The convict was sentenced to life in prison for the murder. Also, he was part of a mafia group.

Meanwhile, Google Maps Street View is a feature that allows you to see the surroundings in 3D. For this, Google is already videographing the place. Mafia was captured on video during this videography. Police then spotted him in Street View.


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