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Google Map is going to bring a new feature, information about toll will already be available

New Delhi. Google has recently brought a new feature of Maps. This has made it much easier for people to travel. In the new feature, information about Toll Roads and Regular Roads can be collected easily. Also, users can now easily get information about the tolls falling on their route and their cost. Google is also trying to gather information about the toll price.

If reports are to be believed, Google had also approached the local authority to get the toll price. The new feature will also have time-wise pricing as toll prices fluctuate in many places depending on the time of day and time. Also, about the toll-free route where it is present. Google Map Information can be obtained from

Users can easily select the option ‘Avoid Tolls’ by clicking on the top three dots in the Google Maps app. In this, Google Map will be shifted to a route which will not have tolls. This option of Google Map can come to India for both Android and iOS users this month. Earlier this option has already arrived in the US, Japan and Indonesia. Initially, it will have 2000 toll information.

Apple Watch will have Google Map

Apple Watch users can also use Google Maps. Earlier, to use the map in the watch, the navigation of the iPhone had to be used. But now it will not happen. This can be done directly from the Google Map app present in the watch. Remember, it is mandatory to have a cellular watch for this. Because internet is not present in WiFi variant. It is worth noting that Apple Map is already present in the Watch.

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