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Google lifted the controversial limit in its cloud storage Google Drive (Google Drive)

Google has changed the restrictions that apply to users of Google Drive branded cloud storage (Google Drive). The changes affected the controversial limit of five million files.

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The fact is that some time ago, Google “silently” introduced a limit on the number of files that a user can store on Google Drive. There were no official announcements about this, but users discovered the innovation and started brawling on social networks and forums.

Users for whom such a restriction is relevant began to receive messages that they will not be able to save new files on the “Disk” until they delete something from the content already stored in the cloud.

Now the official page of the Google Drive team on the social network Twitter has announced that this limit has been lifted. The developers explained:

We recently released a system update to limit the number of items in Drive to maintain stability and optimize performance. Although this only affected a small number of people, we are reverting this change as we explore alternative approaches to ensure a great experience for everyone.


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