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Google is giving free 25 km range Unagi Model One electric scooter to its employees

Google has opened the doors of office to its employees. With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the search giant asked its employees to work from home, and finally, two years later, the company has started recalling employees. Google is also giving free electric scooters to its employees as a bonus on the occasion. Yes, Google has partnered with Unagi, a leading e-scooter manufacturer, to provide e-scooters to its employees.

The Verge’s accordingly Google has partnered with Unagi to launch a new program called “Ride Scoot”, where most of Google’s US-based employees will receive reimbursement for monthly subscriptions to the Unagi Model One scooter. The retail price of the Model One electric scooter is $ 990 (approximately Rs 75,000).

The report further states that Unagi takes a monthly subscription of $ 49 (about Rs 3,700) for its electric scooter. In addition, there is a $50 sign-up fee. Unagi won’t give away free scooters to every Google employee. Unagi plans to set up booths in several of Google’s offices to allow employees to sign up for monthly scooter subscriptions at a discounted rate of $44.10 per month, plus a $50 sign-up fee, the total amount of which will be paid by Google. Will be completely reburied.

It is further said that the scooter subscription will also be added as a transportation option in Google’s internal employee portal. Employees will have to use the scooter for at least 9 commutes every month to fully reimburse their monthly subscription.

The Model One electric scooter is a lightweight dual-motor scooter with a top speed of 20mph (about 32km/h) and a range of 15.5 miles (about 25km) on a single charge.

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