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google introduced Google Bard AI Chat Bot to compete with Chat GPT

Google is not ready to give up on Chat GPT

Google AI Chat Bot: Ever since Chat GPT came into the market, Google’s problems have increased, but now Google has hit the nail and has launched a product in the market that can give a tough competition to Chat GPT.

Bard AI Tool:  Chat GPT has become quite popular in no time and the reason is its human behavior. Because of this behavior, people are liking Chat GPT a lot. With the advent of Chat GPT, clouds of danger started hovering over Google, but now Google has made complete preparations to turn the game. Actually the company has brought such an AI tool which can give a tough competition to Chat GPT. If you do not know about it, then today we are going to tell you about it in detail.

Which is this AI tool 

A tool equipped with Artificial Intelligence technology named Bard has been introduced by Google, which has been prepared to give a tough competition to Chat GPT. It is actually a chatbot that answers people’s questions in exactly the same way Chat GPT is designed. Since its arrival, people are believing that now Google will once again be able to maintain its kingship.

Equipped with artificial intelligence technology, this tool works on the language model for dialogue application. This tool is not only very creative but also collects information in a bang-up manner and transmits it to the people and its response time is very less. At present it is in the trial stage but in the coming time it will be fully functional.


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