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Google introduced Checks – a service that will check how applications work with user data

Compliance with the legislation on the processing and confidentiality of personal data raises many questions for both gadget users and application developers, and government regulators are paying more and more attention to this issue. “Incubator” Google – the so-called. Area 120 introduced the Checks service, which can solve some of the problems for Android software developers automatically.

Mobile app creators can register to use the Checks service, which is currently in beta testing. It will help developers understand exactly how well their applications process user data. Additionally, the application partly helps to automate compliance with existing regulations of legislators and the Google Play platform.

According to the creators of the service, they previously found out that it can be difficult for developers to meet the rules of regulators and change software in a timely manner in accordance with marketplace policy changes and, of course, determine how these changes apply to their applications. Checks helps developers make informed decisions by identifying potential problems with software compliance with laws and regulations – they will receive practical advice written in simple language and links to relevant sources of information.

Developers can upload applications for scanning, after verification, the service will help prepare data usage declarations for marketplaces. In fact, the incubator will help Google and developers prepare for the appearance of sections in the descriptions of applications on Google Play dedicated to privacy and security, which will be implemented from April 2022. Quite predictably, the service was originally designed for Android applications – it will help developers correctly declare the use of user data. However, the creators said that Google Checks will work with applications for iOS, although the company did not specify how exactly this will be done.

The Checks platform includes many special tools. It offers both a free app analysis plan and three paid plans: Basic for $249 per month, Premium for $499, and Enterprise, all priced upon request. So far, the services allow you to assess the compliance of applications with US, EU, Brazil, as well as Google Play Store Developer Policies.


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