Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Google in action mode, removed thousands of deepfake videos of celebrities from YouTube

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Youtube removed deepfake videosImage Credit source: DALL.E AI/Mohd Jishan

The issue of deepfake has been in discussion for a long time, till now deepfake videos of many Bollywood celebrities have surfaced. The government is also making every possible effort to deal with deepfakes, which is why a meeting has also been held between the government and social media platforms on the deepfake issue. It has already become clear that the government will adopt zero tolerance policy in the case of deepfakes. Google-owned video streaming platform YouTube has removed more than 1000 videos featuring deepfake scam advertisements of celebrities.

YouTube has also made it clear that the company is investing heavily to stop AI celebrity scam ads on the platform. YouTube says that after investigation, a major decision has been taken to remove more than 1000 videos which include AI videos of celebrities like Steve Harvey, Taylor Swift and Joe Rogan.

20 crore views on fake video

The surprising thing is that such fake videos have received more than 200 million (20 crore) views on YouTube. For a long time, users and celebrities have been complaining to YouTube about such videos.

YouTube has taken this action after Taylor Swift’s non-consensual deepfake video went viral on microblogging platform X. Before the post was removed, the post had received 45 million (4.5 crore) views and 24 thousand reposts. The post remained live on X for almost 17 hours.

It is mentioned in the report of 404 Media that users share obscene pictures of women created by AI in Telegram groups. According to the latest research by cyber security firm DeepTrace, about 96 percent of deepfakes are obscene and related to women.

What is Deepfake Technology: Understand what is this technology?

Deepfake photos, audio and videos are created with the help of AI. The real game begins by making the photos and videos created with the help of deepfake technology then viral.

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