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Google I/0 2024: Google brings Android 15 update, all eyes on AI update

Google has introduced many new features with Android 15 update in the Google I/O Event today. Apart from this, AI features Watch OS and Pixel AI Assistant have also been revealed in the event. Ever since this event started, everyone’s eyes were fixed on these updates. Google’s Google I/O event takes place once a year and developers and technology experts from all over the world participate in it.

This is Google’s software based event but hardware has also been launched in it. Google has made big announcements related to Gemini AI, Google Chrome, Android 15 and new versions of Google Maps along with Google Cloud in Google I/O.

Gemini AI and Project Astra

Google has introduced Gemini 1.5 Flash at the event, which is a lightweight model. Gemini 1.5 Flash is designed to be faster and cost efficient compared to the Pro model. Both these models support up to one million tokens. Question and Answer feature will be available in Google Gmail. Through Gemini AI, it will be easy for you to get replies from your inbox.

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Google Gemini 1.5 Flash Price

The purpose of this feature is to simplify your search experience in Inbox. You will also be able to get responses from Gemini AI in your inbox. Summarize feature will be available in Gmail from July this year. Apart from this, Google has also announced Project Astra to help in daily life.

What is Imagen 3 and what can it do?

Imagine 3 is an AI model, which claims that it can show photos with detail. This means that it can give detailing of signals in a more natural and human way. If we talk about when will the sign-up for Imagen 3 start, then the login for it has started on ImageFX. It is likely that it will soon be available for use by developers and enterprise customers.

Google’s Google Ask feature

Google Photos will be linked to the search engine powered by Google’s Gemini AI model, which will be launched by July this year. This will allow users to search their Google Photos collection using natural language queries to find the content and other metadata of their photos.

Google AI will alert you

Through Google’s AI feature, you will be saved from scam calls. If any scammer tries to trap you by calling or tries to commit banking fraud, then Google will give you a warning. This new feature will identify and alert you about fraud calls.

Google scam call

Google Scam Call

Google has set 7 principles regarding AI

Google has set 7 principles for the convenience of its users. These principles include benefiting society, avoiding creating or promoting unfair prejudice, being designed and tested for safety, being accountable to people, adding privacy related principles, maintaining high standards of scientific excellence, etc. Making AI available to use and complete these.

Features of Android 15

After the update to Android 15, you will be able to use any application on full screen. Apart from this, if you use any app or do not want to use it, you can archive it. After this process you will not have to delete the app. After Android 15 update, there will be support for Braille display for blind people, apart from this, network security will be higher than before.

Google has currently introduced Android 15. It will be launched tomorrow, you can read every update of Google here.


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