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Google Home redesign made the app more user-friendly

Google has updated its branded mobile application for managing home smart devices. In addition to a refreshed design, it has received a modified interface, new privacy settings and a more convenient event viewer.

Google Home

The most notable change is the app’s redesigned home screen, which reduces the number of steps to manage home devices. The new user interface replaces gadget icons with interactive tiles – for example, volume and brightness can be adjusted by swiping on the device image. A short press is responsible for turning it on or off, and a long press brings up the settings menu.

In addition, the Google Home app has received new privacy controls that will allow users to control digital electronics and Google Assistant settings directly from the app. The company spoke in more detail about the innovation in its official blog .

Google Home

Finally, soon Google Home will automatically sort the latest and most important events. They will be grouped by time and repeat frequency, so users won’t have to constantly scroll through the list to find the entry they want. This feature will be available in the app before the end of this month.

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