Friday, April 12, 2024
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Google has tightened the screws on Android users with root rights

Users of Android smartphones have encountered unusual behavior of the standard application for sending messages. As it turned out, for those who like to tinker with the system, Google simply began to disable the function of sending RSC messages (analogous to Apple iMessage) – and without any warnings.

GoogleIf you have root rights, the message is simply not delivered

Corresponding complaints began to appear on various thematic forums , on Google’s own support site and on the Reddit portal . The “victims” stopped sending RSC messages, but the smartphone did not display any errors. Clearing the Google Messenger cache helped some people, but after a few minutes the problem returned. Journalists from The Verge, in response to an appeal to Google, received an answer – messages were no longer sent on Android devices with root rights.

“The company ensures that devices sending/receiving messages comply with the operational measures defined by the RCS standard to avoid spam and abuse. Google employs a variety of solutions to ensure that Android users can communicate sufficiently, and that devices that may not have access to one communication protocol will always have at least one more available. In this case, users who cannot use RCS still have access to SMS and MMS,” the company said.

Thus, RCS messages joined the “black list” of services that are not available on Android devices with extended access privileges. It already includes many banking applications, Google Pay and other mobile software. However, usually most of the “banned” programs, unlike Google messenger, at least report the reason for their inoperability.