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Google has removed 3500 apps that cheated thousands of crores in the name of loans, are you not in the grip? avoid like this


Google has taken action on fraudulent apps in the name of giving loans.
The tech company has removed more than 3500 loan apps from the Play Store.
Google is coming up with a new tool to protect the privacy of users.

New Delhi. Google has removed 3500 fraudulent apps from the App Store in 2022 in the name of giving loans. Along with this, Google has removed more than 14.3 lakh such apps from the Play Store which were not following the rules. Google told that it has also banned 1.73 lakh bad accounts. Google told that these apps have cheated 16 thousand 350 crores.

Google said in a statement, “In India in 2022, we reviewed 3500 fraudulent apps in the name of giving personal loans and took strong action against them and removed them from the Play Store. These apps were violating the Play Store rules. We strive to keep updating our policies and improve our review process.”

Google will bring Privacy Sandbox
Google also told that it is preparing to bring a Privacy Sandbox. Privacy sandbox is a technology in which the privacy of users on online platforms is protected, while companies and developers can easily develop their digital business. The Privacy Sandbox helps reduce tracking by different apps and sites.

Before downloading any app, check the review of that app on Google Play Store, do not give any random app access to your phone’s location, gallery and contacts.

You must have also noticed that you see some item on an e-commerce website and then the ad of the same item starts appearing in the app or site you open. Similarly, you search for a location to visit and you start seeing ads from all the travel websites. This is an example of cross site and cross app tracking. This can be reduced with the privacy sandbox.

Google told that in the coming few days the privacy sandbox will be released for beta users. After this it will be rolled out for common users.

How loan apps used to cheat?
Apps claiming to provide personal loans entice users to download their app by making attractive promises like low interest rates, loans on zero interest. After downloading the app, they would ask users for gallery access in the name of uploading photos. Similarly, in different ways, they would have taken access to the contacts and location of the users. After this, by misusing the pictures of the phone, these apps used to blackmail the users and extort money from them. In the last few years, many cases of such fraud have come to the fore.

To avoid this type of fraud, it is necessary that in case of need of loan, users should apply for the loan by going to the bank of their trust. RBI governs these banks and banks charge interest on loans according to RBI rules.


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