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Google has a special event on February 8, focus will be on AI, preparation to deal with ChatGPT!


Google is going to organize an event keeping AI in mind
Live streaming of this event will be on 8 February
The event is named Live from Paris

New Delhi. Google is going to have an AI-centric event of its own this month. According to the reports, in this the company will give new updates on Search and Maps. Live streaming of this event will be done and it has been named Live from Paris. In this event, Google will showcase its work done in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Along with this, some updates can also be seen regarding ChatGPT, which is considered to be a big rival of Google.

This upcoming event of Google is on February 8 of this month and it will start at 8:30 AM ET (7:00 PM IST). By the way, Google usually makes its big announcements during the I / O conference. In this event, the company also connects with the developers. But, this time it seems that the company wants to showcase its AI project soon. Because ChatGPT is constantly in headlines and is being considered as a big alternative to Google.

Google released Code-Red
Google has not been able to compete especially in the search business for the last two decades. But, Google is also conscious about ChatGPT. Some time ago, it was revealed from a report that the company had issued a code-raid keeping in mind the ChatGPT by Google management.

Google has been integrating AI into its products earlier also. In such a situation, it is expected that if the company will introduce a rival of ChatGPT, then it will adopt the same model for this too. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, has claimed that Google has invested a lot in Natural Language AI and it will be offered to customers through search.

Google has been working on its AI products for years but the company is facing sensitive challenges, which it has not publicly acknowledged. But, reports suggest that the company is concerned about the ethics of the application. But, the sudden steps being taken by Google regarding AI are definitely due to ChatGPT.


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