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Google Gemini AI features will soon be available in OnePlus and Oppo phones, know complete details

Gemini AI: Google’s AI model Gemini may soon be supported in smartphones from Oppo and OnePlus. Here’s the scoop.

Google: OnePlus and Oppo, two Chinese smartphone manufacturers under the BBK smartphone firm, have teamed up with Google. This collaboration aims to integrate Google’s extensive language model Gemini (Gemini AI) into their respective phone offerings.

Partnership between Oppo and OnePlus with Google

This partnership signifies that in the near future, users of Oppo and OnePlus smartphones will benefit from the inclusion of Google’s Gemini AI. As part of this collaboration, Gemini Ultra 1.0 will be integrated into Oppo and OnePlus phones, boasting a plethora of advanced AI features. These features encompass various aspects such as news, audio summaries, and an AI toolbox.

During the Google Cloud Next 2024 event, Nicole Zhang, the AI Product General Manager for Oppo and OnePlus, affirmed the partnership with Google. Zhang also confirmed that Gemini Ultra would be rolled out in OnePlus and Oppo phones by the year’s end.

Gemini in Oppo and OnePlus smartphones

However, it is reported that the features of Gemini Ultra 1.0 will be available only on select smartphones from these manufacturers. Intriguingly, some Oppo and OnePlus phones, such as the Find X7 and OnePlus 12, have already received generative AI features in China.

The company asserts that following the Chinese users, individuals worldwide will also have access to Google’s Gemini AI feature on Oppo and OnePlus phones. Consequently, Oppo and OnePlus smartphone users will enjoy a plethora of features like news updates, audio summaries, AI Toolbox, and Circle to Search, courtesy of Gemini AI Ultra on their devices.

Which phones will feature AI capabilities?

Another pertinent question is which Oppo and OnePlus smartphones will incorporate Google’s Gemini AI features. Presently, there’s no definitive answer as both companies have yet to announce the specific models that will receive Google Gemini AI support.

Nonetheless, it is anticipated that Gemini AI features will be integrated into the flagship models of both companies. Therefore, Gemini features could potentially be introduced in the OnePlus 12 series, as well as through updates to the OnePlus 11 series. Similarly, Oppo may include Gemini AI features in its Find X series and Reno series smartphones.


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