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Google fired a 15-year-old employee, said – there will always be a special place in the heart for the company

Tech companies have been going through layoffs since the beginning of this year. From Microsoft to Google and Amazon, continuous layoffs are going on. Several thousand people have been fired in Google in the last few months. Meanwhile, Google has fired one of its 15 year old employees. After being fired, the female employee has said that Google had a special place in her heart and will always remain so.

The name of the fired employee is Jugler. She wrote in her LinkedIn post, “It’s been three months since the news of layoffs rocked Singapore and I was one of 12,000 Google employees who were affected. As I look back on my time at Google , These past 15 years have been nothing short of extraordinary. I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with amazing individuals who have truly inspired me. It has been a remarkable journey and the memories made at Google will always be in my heart holds a special place in

Jugler further added that she would like to thank everyone who has contributed to her journey. He added, “Thank you to my incredible colleagues, mentors and friends. Your unwavering support in both the good times and the bad, your guidance and the camaraderie we shared have made this journey truly remarkable. All in helping me get better.” contribution.”

A recent report claimed that Google is now preparing to cut down on employee promotions. According to media reports, Google has warned its employees that there will be a reduction in the number of promotions to more senior positions this year. The company has said this in an email sent to the employees.


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