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Google Doodle remembering this female painter of Iraq, know who was Naziha Salim

Google Doodle is remembering Naziha Salim today, April 23rd. Najiha was a painter, a professor, and one of the most influential artists in Iraq’s contemporary art field. Najiha’s art collection can be seen at the Sharjahan Art Museum and the Iraqi Archive of Modern Art. Today Google is celebrating the art of Naziha and her contribution in this field through a doodle. His paintings give a glimpse of rural Iraqi women and their farming life. The picture shown in the Google Doodle is also an artwork of his.

Born in Turkey to a family of Iraqi artists, Najiha’s father was a painter and her mother was a skilled embroidery artist. According to Google, all three of his brothers worked in the arts field, including Jawad. Jawad is considered one of Iraq’s most influential sculptors.

Salim enrolled at the Fine Arts Institute in Baghdad where he studied painting and graduated. His hard work and passion for art is evidenced by the fact that he was awarded a scholarship to continue his education at the cole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

Najiha specialized in fresco and mural painting while in Paris. After graduation, he immersed himself in art and culture and spent many years abroad, continuing his art journey. After that she returned to Baghdad. Najiha is remembered as Iraq’s most famous artist. He died on 15 February 2008.

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