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Google came out in support of Ukraine! This big step was taken for the safety of the people

Google has disabled some tools of Google Maps for Ukraine amid the fierce war between Russia and Ukraine. With the help of these, live information is available about the traffic conditions and busyness of various places. The company has said that it has taken this step keeping in mind the safety of the people. Information about busy places and traffic like stores and restaurants in Ukraine will no longer be accessible on Google Maps.

Significantly, in the war between Russia and Ukraine, civilians are suffering the most. Hundreds of people have lost their lives as a result of missiles falling on Ukrainian cities, tanks rolling in the streets and heavy fire. According to reports, more than 4 lakh citizens of Ukraine have taken refuge in neighboring countries. This number continues to rise, as Ukrainians are turning to the borders to save their lives.

According to Reuters, many big tech companies, including Google, have said that they are taking new measures to protect users in this area. Researchers believe that targets in war are also being detected through online services and social media sites.

A professor at California’s Middlebury Institute of International Studies has said that Google Maps helped him track a “traffic jam” before the Russian president announced the attack. Ukraine had seen a long traffic jam in the past due to people moving towards the borders. At the same time, Google has said that the facility of live traffic information is still available for drivers, which they can access through turn-by-turn features.

The war between Russia and Ukraine is going on on many fronts. Along with weapons, this war is also going on in the form of cyber attacks. Ukraine has been hit by several cyber attacks in recent days, targeting websites linked to the country’s defense ministry, military and banks. Ukraine is saying that Russia is behind this. It is alleged that the system is being targeted with such malware, which wipes out all the data from the system.

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