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Google brought PaLM API to compete with ChatGPT 4, this is how it will compete

ChatGPT 4 OpenAI: Google’s Pathway Language Model (PaLM) is a large language model like GPT. Apart from this, text, image, code and many more can be generated. The company has given a new API in it.

artificial intelligence research company Open AI has Chat GPT 4 has been launched. However, the search engine company Google Without any delay, has presented the chatbot’s rival. In April last year the Pathways Language Model (PALM) introduced an AI model, which satisfies 540 billion parameters. To compete with ChatGPT 4, Google has launched a new API for PaLM.

To help developers on PaLM, Surge Engine Company has also introduced a new tool called MakerSuite, which suggests rapid prototyping ideas. Let us tell you that the new version of ChatGPT is much better than the previous chatbot, and can respond through text, images, etc. Now Google has also introduced its AI version giving competition to it.

Specialties of PaLM

Like GPT or LaMDA, PaLM can also edit and generate text. It is being built to be a conversational bot. It can also be used to summarize tasks or write code, like new generative AI features for workspace apps like Gmail and Docs.

Google says that PaLM will use signs like normal language. Through this, AI model will help in generating text, photo, code, video, audio and much more.

GPT-4 performance

GPT-4 can generate captions, classifications and analyses. It can handle text of up to 25,000 words, content creation, carrying forward conversations as well as searching documents. OpenAI says that the new model will make fewer mistakes. The company claimed that it can perform better than humans.

For example, the GPT-4 scored 90th percentile on the simulated bar exam, 93rd percentile on the SAT Reading exam, and 89th percentile on the SAT Math exam.



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