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Google brings new AI technology for India, everyone will get answers in their own language

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Not one, two or three but many languages ​​are spoken in India, the interesting thing is that there are many areas of India where the language changes almost every 5 kilometers. With the help of AI technology, Google has created a great tool that understands all languages. Google developers have developed such technology that can not only understand people’s language but can also respond to them in their own language.

Earlier many such models were prepared which were trained on English language data and now a model has been prepared which is trained on many languages ​​of India. Google Gemma is part of the company’s open model. Gemma is designed to meet all challenges, its powerful tokenizer and large token vocabulary enable it to respond to different languages.

Meaning of Tokenization

When text is converted into small parts through natural language processing and machine learning, it is called token. These tokens can be as short as letters or as long as words.

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What is Google Gemma and how does it work?

The same research and technology that developed the Gemini model has been used to develop the Gemma as well. Google Gemma is a lightweight open model developed by Google DeepMind and other Google teams.

Google enables Gemma’s powerful tokenizer model and then this model uses the language system to understand thousands of words, symbols and characters. A large vocabulary is also important to power projects like Navarasa.

What is Google Navarasa?

Developers in India have used the company’s Gemma model to create Navarasa. Navrasa is a project or rather a model which has been trained in such a way that it is capable of understanding different Indian languages.

Navrasa is a fine-tuned model based on Google Gemma. The purpose behind creating Navrasa is to create large language models so that people can talk to it in their mother tongue and they also get answers in their mother tongue. Google’s objective behind preparing this model is to connect every person from every corner of the country with AI.

Google has built such technology using AI so that no person in the country is left behind and everyone can use this technology. Google wants to take Generative AI not only to India but to every corner of the world so that people can use these tools and technologies to find solutions to their everyday problems.


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