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Google Big Threat! People calling ChatGPT ‘almighty’ software! answers like a human

AI Tool: There has hardly been a day when you have not used Google. You are always searching for something on Google search. It works to get you the necessary information and it takes you only a few seconds. Although people have now started calling it old technology. The reason behind this is also very special. Actually the discussion of software named ChatGPT has intensified in the market and people are telling it even better than Google and saying that because of this new software Now clouds of danger are hovering over Google. This software works on AI and answers people’s questions to a human being. 

What is ChatGPT

ChatGPT means generative pre train software that is AI software and answers people’s questions. You may feel what is new in this, then tell me that this software answers your questions like a human being and you will not feel like you have a Machine is getting the answer. This answer will be exactly what a person gives. This is the reason why the discussion of this software in the market is fast and henceforth people are threatening chat JPT for Google. Given the retaliation of the people constantly coming, it is believed that it will leave Google behind and go to the forefront. Today we are going to tell you about the features of this software that can lead to this search. 

Napa-Libra will answer software 

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The chat will answer the questions of GPT users but it will not be a machine answer but like a thought-out answer like humans with no scope for mistake. Usually when you do Google search, you get many answers, some of which are of your use and some are not of work. However this tool will not have such problems.

At the forefront of these works 

Let me tell you that this software can prove to be a threat to some jobs. Actually this software understands human language and responds like a human being. In such a situation, the jobs of people doing call center jobs and people writing content can be threatened.

Will answer questions fast

Let me tell you that ChatGPT answers your questions very fast and in future it can be seen in your smartphone as well. This is being described as a great tool and that can be a threat to Google. 


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