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Google ARCore: Know what it is and how it works! need it every day

Google ARCore Functioning and Usage: Augmented Reality or AR is a common concept in the tech world. Many big companies have stepped into this field. While Apple used hardware like LiDAR scanner in iPhone and iPad, Google has used this software. Google is leading companies using AR with its AR Software Development Kit, or SDK. This software kit has been named ARCore.

What is Google ARCore 

Launched in 2018, ARCore is a Google software development kit also known as ‘Google Play Services for AR’. This is the software with the help of which developers make Augmented Reality App. Google ARCore works on most high-end and mid-range Android devices and is present in many smartphones.

Project Tango and ARCore

Before knowing about ARCore, let us know what is Project Tango. Let us tell you that Google first entered AR with Project Tango. Project Tango was discontinued when ARCore was launched because while Project Tango asked for a dedicated hardware to function, ARCore does not require any special hardware. Actually it can do everything with the camera and internal sensor of the smartphone and is compatible with almost all the smartphones.

ARCore is needed every day

If you are wondering how ARCore works and where do we need it, then let us tell you that with the help of this software, those features of the picture taken with the camera can be detected which are clear. Then from them the location of the device, the features of the new place, etc. can be known.

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Usually it is used by the Measure App, so that you can measure trees, clothes, people and animals, all. Apart from this, apps like Snapchat and TikTok also use this software. Pokemon GO, ColorSnap Visualizer and InkHunter also use ARCore.


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