Friday, February 23, 2024

Google-Apple’s throne will shake, Samsung’s new phone will work in 5 ways

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Samsung has launched 3 new phones.
These phones have been launched under the S24 series.
There will be direct competition with Google Pixel.

New Delhi, Samsung has launched the S24 series. There are three phones in this series. These three phones are- Samsung Galaxy s24, s24 plus and s24 ultra. The price of its base model is Rs 79,999. For the first time, Samsung has provided AI inbuilt in its phones. That means, with the help of AI, this phone will do many things which no other phone can do at present.

We are telling you about 5 such special features which Samsung S24 series phones will be able to offer due to being equipped with AI. The company has said that with Galaxy AI, users’ communication, productivity and creativity will improve. Let us know those 5 tasks which you will be able to do with the help of Galaxy AI.

circle to search
If you are seeing something in an app about which you need information, then you no longer need to close that app and go to Google. Simply long press the Home button and circle, highlight or tap the content you want information about. You will get all the information about that thing from Google in the same app.

generative edit
It is like the magic editor of Google Photos. With its help, you can resize, move or remove unwanted things from the photo. For this you do not need to know professional photo editing.

live translate
This feature comes in Pixel but Samsung has given this feature for the first time. In this you can translate any call or text transaction live. This is very effective for people going abroad.

transcript assist
This feature is very useful for users who use voice memos. With this you can transcribe, translate and summarize voice memos. All this work will be done on the device i.e. you do not need internet for this.

chat assist
If you are not able to form a sentence or you feel that there is something missing in what you are writing, then this feature will help you. However, it can be used only while writing. You can use it to create better sentences while writing emails, social media or messages.

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