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Google, Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla join forces to ensure browser compatibility

Leading software developers have embarked on a project to ensure that leading browsers like Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox provide users with the same quality browsing experience. It is known that such giants as Google , Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla Foundation and other companies participate in the project.

Judging by the post on the web.dev portal, market leaders and businesses that have joined them are working on a joint benchmark for browsers – Interop 2022. Since 2019, the main players have been discussing the fight against the main “pain points” for developers that prevented users from getting the best experience on all platforms. Benchmark focuses on 15 “problem” areas for browsers that make it difficult to create optimal universal solutions due to the variety of platforms. It is known that companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, Bocoup and Igalia have agreed to ensure that browsers work similarly in these areas. We are talking, for example, about the use of cascading layers, color reproduction, scrolling, form management and other functions.

Anyone can visit the benchmark site and evaluate the progress that the tech giants have made in optimizing Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox – points are awarded to both stable and experimental versions of browsers with explanations of how the quality of a product is evaluated.

The Interop 2022 benchmark is a multi-year project. This is especially important for developers of browsers that are alternatives to the dominant Google Chrome – in fact, most sites are created for it, so third-party developers may have to bring the characteristics of their solutions in line with Google technologies in order to provide a comparable quality of web page display. According to Statcounter, Google Chrome accounts for 64.92% of all browsers in use on the market, so other companies will have to follow the leader one way or another. Perhaps a benchmark with specific indicators will help competitors maintain and even increase the demand for their products.

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source: web.dev






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