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Good work rewarded! This company gifted a Mercedes car worth 57 lakhs to its hardworking employee

Achchha Kaam Karne Par Mercedes Car Gift: The appraisal season has started and in such a situation, the employees of all the companies are busy working wholeheartedly, but it is said that the result of the hard work that people put in throughout the year is visible in April-May. A perfect example of this is Clint Antony from Kerala, who has been gifted a luxury sedan Mercedes Benz C-Class worth Rs 57 lakh by the company for his loyalty and high performance for the past 11 years. There are many such reports that the company has happily gifted cars worth 10-20 lakhs to its employees, but this IT company of Kerala has gifted an expensive luxury car to one of its very special employees.

Played a key role in the success of the company
Clint Antony joined Webandcraft as the first employee in the year 2012 with the inception of the IT company and he has been the most loyal and high performing employee of the company for the past 11 years, taking the company to great heights. have been able to reach. Currently, Antony is working as the Chief Creative Officer in this global IT solution providing company. The founder and CEO of the company says that Clint has played a key role in the success of the company as a loyal employee and we are happy to present him the luxury sedan.


Mercedes luxury sedan
Let us tell you that the Mercedes Benz C-Class gifted to Clint Antony is said to be worth around Rs 57 lakh. This luxury sedan is powered by petrol and diesel engines ranging from 1496 to 1993 cc, which generate power up to 300 bhp and 550 Newton meter torque. The top speed of this car with rear wheel drive is up to 250 kmph. If you are also working in a company and do your work honestly, then you will also get the result.


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