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Good news, all devices will be charged with one charger! Government can take a big decision on August 17

New Delhi. The government is working on a feature for many different devices including smartphones and tablets, under which all devices can be charged with a single charger. That is, even if you have a phone or laptop of any company, your work will be done with a single charger. The government has called a meeting with the industry on August 17 to discuss the issue.

Officials say that meetings will be held with mobile manufacturers and sector-specific organizations. During this, there will also be talk to eliminate the use of chargers in India and reduce the burden on users. Apart from this, the possibility of stopping e-waste will also be assessed.

Recently, the European Union has announced the adoption of a USB-C port normal charging standard for small electronic devices by 2024. Apart from this, it is being said that if companies can provide service in Europe and America, then why can’t this service come to India. Portable electronic devices like smartphones and tablets should have a normal charger.

Whenever a user buys a new device, a separate charger comes with it. And if charger is not provided then he has to buy new charger. If the government orders that to bring a common charger, then the users will get a lot of convenience. The most complaints about the charger come from iPhone and Android users.

What will be the effect on Apple:

Ever since the talk of common chargers, Apple is the only one who is opposing this. Talking about this company, Apple uses its Lightning connector not only for iPhone but also for other devices including AirPods. In such a situation, not only Apple but also Dell, HP and Asus will have to change the chargers.

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