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Gold Price Today: Gold will again create a record of speed, the price will reach this much in January; this is today’s rate

Gold-Silver Price: Gold and silver prices continue to accelerate from October to the silus sila. In two months, gold has climbed 4000 rupees, 10 grams and silver has climbed more than 11 thousand rupees ailo. Both of them have reached this year’s record level. Now in the new year, both gold and silver are expected to break the once fir pi lichla r ikord. During the first wave of cove id you will remember that in March 2020 the rate of gold was 35 to 38 thousand rupees at 10 grams.

Old atmosphere from Fir to Price
Lake as time progressed, gold rose to 56,200 rupees, reaching a record level of 10 grams by August 2020. In five months, the price of gold saw a rise of 18 to 21 thousand rupees, 10 grams. After that the price of gold did not come at the same price as before. At that time, experts said that due to cove id, no envelopes are being done in the golf, due to this price has increased. The same environment is going on from the price.

Rate can increase from 1600 to 3000
The fourth wave of cove id in China has given up to the day. There have been some cases in the country as well. Advisory has been issued on behalf of Ind on Medical Association. Have been. On all this, the price of gold among the countries is likely to increase further. The rate can increase from 1600 to 3000 rupees from the current price. Right now gold is running close to 54500. This means that sleeping in the new year can break its r ikord two and a half years old. On Monday, the multi-commodity exchange ( MCX ) and the Sarrafa market saw gold boom and silver fall.

Silver reached close to 70 thousand rupees
Silver had reached close to 70 thousand rupees on Pichle the inns MCX. Gold at around 2.30 pm on a multi-commodity exchange is trading at Rs 54612 Prat 10 gram and silver at Rs 29 with a speed of Rs 38 and Rs 69004. Earlier silver in the session was closed at Rs 69033 and gold at Rs 54574. This year this rate is the record level of gold-silver. Earlier in August 2020, gold made a record of Rs 56,200.

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Sarrafa Bazaar also saw a gold boom and silver drop on Monday. India Bullions Association ( As per the price released on Monday from ), the 24 carat gol d climbed Rs 110 to Rs 54476, Prat 10 grams. The silver face saw a fall and it rolled and reached 67706 rupees akilo. The rate of 23 carat gold reached Rs 54258 Prat 10 g, 22 carat 49900 Rs Prat 10 g and 18 carat 40857 Rs Prat 10 g.


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